Cyberpink is on Smashwords!


Cyberpink is on Smashwords!

Well, we’ve certainly been busy these past few days getting Cyberpink up-and-running!

Yesterday we put the limited-edition TV pilot on Amazon and Goodreads, and today we created a Patreon account and got the collector’s item screenplay up on Smashwords! (Mostly to have something up as we get to work on a new story series! Ever heard of “butt abs?” Well, soon you will.)

This new work represents a bold leap for us, even as we field interest in the TV pilot from several producers and a couple of networks.

We do this because we’re passionate about diversity, female-empowerment themes, and — just as importantly — family-friendly fun that paints a picture of challenges humanity will face in the future, even as we propose the solution will be the same as it always has: love.

But lest we stray too far into didacticism, “job 1” is always adventure, with relatable characters, complex, Avengers-style plots … plus a silliness that explains why some have called the Cyberpink pilot “Friends-meets-Rick and Morty“.

Also, today we bought a handmade Dalek pepper mill. (Also holds salt.) I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that.

Thanks for reading this far. We love you.

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Cyberpink on Smashwords