The first reviews for Cyberpink are in!


The first reviews for Cyberpink are in!

We’re excited some people are enjoying the new RNWY Universe prequel and spinoff, Cyberpink!

The first reviews of Cyberpink #1: GET CRUNCHED are in! (It’s also available in paperback.)

The Cyberpink book series follows the CYBERPINK girls — Maya, L, Infiniti, Eva, and Stacyÿ — as they set up against the Anti-Robot Coalition and find the threat is much greater than anyone could have ever imagined.

This prequel to RNWY: A Space Adventure details the first attempt of the Myn to penetrate our universe from their current prison — set up by The Transcendents — in the Ruined Universe.

The book is being released in serialized installments, with artwork by Samuel Bermudez.

One reviewer on Amazon and Goodreads said:

“This had me laughing out loud by the second page and wanting to have someone else read it so they could laugh too. Smart, meta and leading good places.”

More reviews (hopefully) to come!

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