Best New Sci-Fi Movies

Best New Sci-Fi Movies

Science fiction movies have reached the point where they are leading the industry in innovative ideas and creativity. From cyberpink to a dystopian future, all of their themes always have something new to offer and give the audience a new perspective.

We shall discuss some of those ground-breaking Sci-Fi films.

Top Movies with Science Fiction Themes

Given the amazing number of creative and interesting movies being released to the public, it was extremely hard to sort out a list of the five best Sci-Fi movies. However, after much evaluation, they are discussed below:

  1. Ghost in the Shell

A human’s consciousness was integrated within the “shell” or an artificial human body (thus, the name). A girl named Mira Killian was a victim of a cyberterrorist attack, which damaged her body beyond repair. Thus, she is chosen as the first test subject for augmentation. Being a success, she was assigned as a counter-terrorism operative. The story revolves around her fighting against the enemies and figuring out the secrets of her past life.

Its one of the best Sci Fi movies you should watch.

  1. Alita: Battle Angel

The basic concept of Alita is the same as Ghost in the Shell, a cyberpink film about a teenage girl who has now turned into a cyborg and aims to learn about her past life. However, the story has new dimensions of concepts to offer, making it a film unique compared to the one discussed before. In this story, a war known as “The Fall” destroyed the earth, and this story is set up 300 years after that war.

  1. Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner is the sequel of Harrison Ford’s original, with a new protagonist (Ryan Gosling). This story is set up in the year 2049, and a police officer named K learns an alarming secret, which sets him out on a journey to look for a former blade runner who went missing about three decades ago (you know who). This story follows his adventures through the dark world.

  1. The Maze Runner

Like all science fiction movies, “The Maze Runner” has something new to offer. The plot revolves around several young boys stuck within a maze and is always traversing the place to find their way out. However, it is not just a maze, but monsters are waiting outside to kill them and feast on them, which makes their game life-threatening too.

  1. Upgrade

After an attack on Grey and his wide, his life completely turns around with her death and his paralysis. However, a rich person hands him a chip that makes him capable of walking again. He uses that opportunity to go through a series of challenges to avenge his wife’s death and take revenge for everything he had to go through because of them.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to imagination, there are no limits to a human’s creativity and diversity. Even the concepts like cyberpink are the result of human imagination. Nothing can be said about how the Sci-Fi industry will progress with time.